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Want to buy ResMed CPAP Tube online in Dubai, CPAP Hose for sale in Dubai UAE. 


Choose from a variety of sleep apnea cpap tubes to help you stick to your CPAP therapy schedule.


Buy CPAP tubing online in Dubai UAE, ResMed CPAP hose for sale in Dubai from our CPAP Store Dubai

We stock many ResMed hoses, Normal, standard hoses are available in a variety of lengths, or you can upgrade your setup with ResMed heated tube that help minimize condensation inside your tube. also we have ResMed Airmini Tubes and step packsIt is important to replace CPAP tubing on a regular basis in order to maintain successful therapy. 


A tube or hose is required for CPAP therapy to work. The tubing that connects the CPAP machine to the mask is referred to as CPAP tubing. While some machines continue to use "multi-fit" tubing, many newer CPAP machines and humidifiers utilize dedicated tubing with built-in heating elements and specialized connections.

On your CPAP mask, a properly fitted tube and hose will prevent leaks and moisture


Our ResMed CPAP tubes and hoses are lightweight, durable, and ergonomically designed to fit any CPAP machine. Our products, which include both standard tubes and heated options, can help make any sleeping experience more enjoyable. To help maintain the warm temperature of the air as it passes from the humidifier to the mask, a heated CPAP hose can prevent water from collecting within the tube, which can contribute to irritation and dryness. Shop for CPAP tubing covers as well if you're in colder climates and want to help insulate against the warmer temperatures. Don't forget to add a tube brush to your purchase to easily clean your CPAP hose as needed. At cpap store dubai, you can purchase CPAP tubing and other supplies.

What is a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Hose?

A CPAP hose is a hollow plastic tube with a cylindrical shape that connects the CPAP machine to the CPAP mask. The CPAP machine compresses the air and then delivers it to the mask via the hose. Hoses are classified into two types: standard and heated. A standard hose is approximately 6 feet in length, made of plastic, and is not heated. A heated hose, on the other hand, is 6 feet long and features heating coils woven throughout the length of the hose. It is heated overnight by electricity.


What is the purpose of a CPAP heated hose?


Heated hoses are intended to address a specific issue associated with CPAP therapy known as "rainout."

Condensation can form inside standard hoses as humidified air travels down the hose from a heated humidifier to the mask. Condensation within the hose is referred to as "rainout" in the CPAP industry. It occurs as the air cools as it travels through the hose. Because colder air can hold less moisture, the water condenses as it changes from a gas to a liquid. A heated hose eliminates rainout by regulating the temperature of the air as it travels from the machine to the mask. As long as the air remains warm, condensation cannot form.

Many CPAP users are turning to a product called a hose cover to prevent rainout. The hose cover works by wrapping a blanket-like material around the outside of the hose, naturally maintaining the temperature. Hose covers are an excellent alternative to heated hoses, and many people incorporate them into their therapy regimen.

Are CPAP Hoses Universal in Application?

The majority of hoses have a same diameter and ends . Certain manufacturers are now offering newer machines with so-called "slim" tubes. Slim tubes work with any type of CPAP mask.

How Long Do CPAP Hoses Typically Last?

Most tubes are 182cm approx. is the standard length for CPAP tubing (CPAP hoses). 

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CPAP Hose for Sale in Dubai UAE

Buy CPAP tubing online in Dubai UAE, ResMed CPAP Replacement Parts & CPAP Accessories for sale in Dubai from our CPAP Store Dubai

At, we have the ResMed CPAP tubing and cpap supplies and cpap accessories and cpap parts you need. 

After your sleep apnea is diagnosed, replacement cpap tubes and accessories, as well as cpap supplies, must be purchased; in the long run, you must plan to maintain a supply of CPAP and related accessories. This list of CPAP products and accessories will aid in the achievement of the CPAP's purpose while also making it more convenient and comfortable to use.


ResMed is synonymous with innovation. With over 30 years of experience, we specialize in respiratory and sleep apnea equipment. ResMed is committed to providing the most advanced sleep technology available.


From the unmatched comfort of their cpap tube technology, masks and innovations to the whisper-quiet sleep machines and superior synchrony of their BIPAP and ventilator machines, ResMed strives to improve your sleep journey.


ResMed's commitment to continuous innovation and great inventions enables us to push the boundaries in order to provide you with more quiet and comfortable sleep therapy equipment that is also simple to set up and use.

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