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Buy ResMed AirFit N20 Nasal Mask online in Dubai UAE

ResMed AirFit N20 Nasal Mask



  • Comfortably moves with you throughout the night, regardless of sleep position
  • Features InfinitySeal™ cushion technology, our most adaptive yet
  • Ideal for those who breathe through their nose during sleep


Ultimate comfort and performance

  • What makes a great CPAP mask? Comfort and performance are perhaps the two key factors. The AirFit N20 features the InfinitySeal™ cushion – the most adaptive we’ve ever designed – along with a soft and flexible frame that includes integrated padding. 

  • The result is a mask that comfortably moves with you and provides a reliable seal throughout the night, regardless of sleep position.


Sizing the AirFit N20


1- You can print your ResMed sizing guide here. Remember to print to scale. You’ll have to trim your guide from the paper.

2- Once you have your sizing guide:

3- While in front of a mirror, hold your sizing guide to your face. Trial each sizing option

4- The most comfortable sizing option will provide your best fit.


Fitting the AirFit N20


1- Unclip the magnetic clips.

2- With the mask held against your face, pull the headgear over your head.

3- Bring each of the magnets up to meet their corresponding clips on the frame.

4- Adjust the tabs on the upper headgear.

5- Adjust the tabs on the lower headgear.

6- With your device still switched off, connect your device tubing to your mask elbow.

7- the elbow to your mask.

8- Switch on your therapy device.

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