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Nasal pillow CPAP masks are among the smallest and lightest CPAP masks in the market now.


occupying much less facial surface area than their nasal or full face mask counterparts. Nasal pillow masks use two fluffy and pliable pillows about the size of blueberries instead of a cushion.


These pillows form a seal around each nostril's base, allowing easy access to your airway. You may wear glasses, watch TV, or read a book before bed with a nasal pillow mask. Nasal pillow masks are also versatile, allowing you to toss and turn without having your tubing tangled. 

For active sleepers, it's a win-win situation. A nasal pillow CPAP mask can be beneficial to people who suffer from claustrophobia. You won't feel hemmed in or cut off because of the limited surface area.

A Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask is a type of CPAP mask that is worn over the nose.